Are you ready for change?

Personal Training that’s effective, professional, focused and friendly. Private, modern, well equipped gym.

Are you ready for change?

Personal Training that’s effective, professional, focused and friendly. Private, modern, well equipped gym.

Personal Training Gift Vouchers

1 x 1 hour Personal Consultation 3 x 55 minute Personal Training Sessions £99 inclusive

Price Change from September 1st 2018

I’ve not made an increase to my fees for some years, but I am making an increase in training fees as of September 1st 2018.  This is in response to both high demand and running costs.  My aim is provide the best personal training experience to my clients that I can provide and this increase is necessary to continue to maintain this level of training and service.

I’m allowing existing clients and those starting before Sept 1st to take advantage of the current fees for as long as possible by paying for an additional 6 or 12 session bundle before 1s of Sept.  These sessions can be used after 1st September.

The price changes are:

6 sessions £195 (was £175)           12 sessions £370 (was £330)

Private gym

200sq ft Private gym. Modern equipment. Air conditioned. 1-to-1 training. No waiting your turn!

Based in Horley, Surrey

10 mins from Reigate, 5 mins from Gatwick. Easy free parking.

Full body analysis

This includes; Weight, Body Fat, BMI, BMR, Visceral Fat.

Experienced & Qualified

Highly experienced trainer, fully qualified, fully insured & first aid accredited.


Courses available

Great deals for 6 or 12 sessions paid in advance.

Event training/preparation

Experience training clients for; Tough Mudder, Triathlon, Marathon des Sables.

We get results

Fat loss, tone up and get stronger with a plan designed just for you.

Flexible times

I’ll work around your schedule. Available From 6am to 9:30pm!

Diet & Nutrition advice

Sensible guidlines to flexible dieting and become calorie conscious.

Learn more...and my promise to you

My promise to you is to provide the knowledge, facilities and motivation to achieve your personal fitness goals. My experiences in coaching sport professionally, a lifetime of exercise, nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle, means I’m the perfect choice to help you with your fitness.

Whether your goal is to tone up for an event (wedding or milestone birthday!), lose weight (sensibly) and keep it off, improve fitness for health reasons or to improve your sporting performance – I will plan a personal exercise routine for you, provide nutritional advice and guidance, motivate and support you

fully on your (our!) journey until we reach your goal…and keep you there!

If you want a chat about what you want to achieve, please call me (Richard) anytime on: 07977 350560

J from Horley

{ Thanks for all the great training you provided, I am sooooo much stronger…really improved my strength and flexibility and I really appreciate all your encouragement.  I don’t think I could have achieved any more ! {

C from Reigate

{ Richard has proved to be a key constituent in my personal training programme over the past 18 months. His individually derived programme, professional encouragement and sheer variety of exercise make for a wholly fulfilling workout. Highly recommended.{

Training plans

I can provide a variety of training and support options to help you reach your goal.
Fitting in with your schedule and requirements as required.

Weight Loss & Toning

Based on target weight loss set by you.  I provide a bespoke training and mindful eating plan to reach your target weight and shape.

Setting a realistic, achievable timescale to reach your goals.  We take into consideration your schedule, work, family and real life.  Making sure you maintain healthy, steady progress with ongoing support and motivation.

Physique & Muscle Building

I have decades of experience and knowledge to help transform your physique and build muscle.  From initial body conditioning, right up to high intensity muscle building.  After consultation, we’ll agree on a schedule of training, with targets set along the way to ensure your goal is met.  This also includes diet and supplementation guidance and advice.

Event Preparation

I’ve prepared clients for many fitness and endurance events.  Including Tough Mudder, Triathlon and Marathon des Sables (six days running in the Sahara, carrying supplies!)

I can plan a bespoke training strategy and schedule to fully prepare you for your event.  Whether it’s your first ever event or you’re experienced, there is always room for improvement.

Regardless of your past or present fitness.  Whether you already hit the gym and find the results are not what you expect.  Or you’ve never trained before and have decided you want to change.  I can help maximise your time and efforts to achieve your fitness goal or ideal physique.

Gym Equipment

We have a fully equiped 200sq ft private gym, as shown in the photos to the right. This includes the following equipment;


  • Concept 2 Rowing Machine
  • Battle Rope
  • Professional Chin-up Bars
  • Suspension Trainer (HT)
  • Squat/Press Rack
  • Selection Olympic Bars and Weights
  • Calf raise platform
  • Squat platform
  • Seated Preacher curl bench
  • Parallete / dip bars
  • Leg extension / curl machine
  • Seated calf raise machine
  • Selection resistance bands
  • Selection slam/weighted balls
  • Flat/Incline bench
  • High Cable
  • Plyo Steps
  • Set Competition Kettles (6kg to 24kg)
  • Set Dumbells (2.5kg to 25kg)
  • Gym is steam cleaned multiple times per week.

Prices & Packages

I offer two packages for 6 or 12 sessions.  I’ll design a training and eating plan based on your individual goals and requirements.  It’s bespoke to you.  The plan will be focused on a 6 week goal.  Whether it’s fat loss, increased strength and muscle, endurance and cardio performance etc.  This 6 week goal might not be your final goal, but a realistic target which is achievable in the time frame.


When you reach the 6 week ‘stepping stone’ goal, we’ll progress onto a more advanced plan for the next 6 weeks and another goal.  Taking you to the next level of reaching your ultimate goal.

This structure keeps you focused and rewards you for each 6 week goal we set.  It’s a proven process and works very, very well.

sessions = £195

sessions = £370

  • Price for 55 minute sessions.
  • You decide whether to pay for 6 or 12.
  • See FAQ below for more info and terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I come and speak to you before deciding to start training with you?

Yes. Prior to starting work with any client, I carry out a detailed (FREE) assessment. This includes discussing your current health/fitness, diet/nutrition, goals and timescales etc. Assessments typically take 45 minutes.

Will you weigh me?

I can carry out a full body analysis upon request; weight, body fat, BMI, BMR.

Will you design a custom training plan for me?

Yes. I design training plans usually working to a 6-12 week schedule with goals and targets set along the way to keep you motivated and focused.  When we complete the plan, we’ll assess how it’s gone and repeat as required to reach your final goal/s.

How long do your training sessions last?

Training sessions are 55 minutes long.

Can I pay per session or do I have to pay for a package?

I don’t do ‘per session’ rates.  I only do packages of 6 or 12 sessions (see prices below) . Package fees are payable on or before the first session.

How can I pay you?

I accept cash, cheque or bank transfer.

What are your training hours?

My training hours are:
Monday – Friday 6am to 9.30pm
Saturday 7am to 12am

However, these times are subject to availability.  Please contact me to check if my schedule will fit in with yours.

Do I have to stick to the same time/s each week?

No.  I don’t expect all clients to stick to the same times each week.

I can't make it and need to cancel?

I operate a 12hr cancellation policy. Sessions cancelled less than 12 hours before appointment time will be charged.

Any other terms I should know about?

I’m unable to offer refunds for courses purchased.

I'm ready to start training, what now?

Please contact me to discuss your goals, requirements and schedule.

Will you give me a diet/eating plan?

No.  I’m not a nutritonist or GP (the only professionals legally allowed to tell you ‘exactly’ what to eat).  However, your diet and nutrition is very important to every health/fitness goal, so we will cover it in some detail.  If your goal is to lose weight, then we will discuss how you should plan to eat in order to achieve weight loss.  Likewise, if you want to gain muscle and size, I’ll tell you how you should plan your meals to do this.

Qualifications & Accreditation


Qualified Gym Instructor

Active IQ Accredited


Advanced Nutrition for Weight Management

Premier Training International


Trained Kettlebell Instructor

Premier Training International

What my clients are saying…

P from Horley

{ After years of yo yo dieting I decided to get in shape and lose weight in a more healthy way whilst also getting fitter. Richards programme has done exactly what he said when I first met him.

7 weeks in and one stone down! Feeling great, eating healthier but still enjoying my food. Looking forward to the next 7 weeks! Thanks Richard. {

L from Horley

{ I started my training because I wanted to look and feel my absolute best for my wedding day. I wanted to do it gradually so we set achievable targets and trained once a week, which we fitted around my busy schedule.

Each session I attended Richard made sure I could see progress. We hit my targets in time for my wedding day and I can honestly say I feel a million times fitter and I have never had so many compliments on my figure than I did at my wedding! Thank you Richard! {

S from Horley

{ I never had the confidence to go to a gym, I smoked 20 a day and was reaching my 52nd birthday.

I needed to get fit and Richard has helped me by working me hard, but not beyond my ability.
I’ve lost 2.5 kg’s in just a few weeks and have a few muscles to show off now!
I feel comfortable about my body shape now and with further training and taking Richards advice I will have my beach body ready for September!
Great one to one training, would recommend Richard for anyone who like me who thought Gym was a swear word. {

J from Reigate

{ Richard was very helpful with Izzy who was exceptionally unfit due to illness. He devised a programme of specific exercises in order for her to gain energy and strength. The sessions are varied and interesting – Izzy really enjoys them and has vastly improved in her fitness with the added benefit of losing weight..

We have Richard on a very regular basis and he makes it fun. We would thoroughly recommend Richard for training – Izzy will be continuing with her training in University hols with Richard. Big thank you Richard! {

P from Horley

{ I really enjoyed working with Richard. He pushed me and motivated me when I needed it and knew exactly how to support my weight loss. I have also suffered most of my life with neck problems and with Richards hard work this really helped improve mobility again to the point where I was often pain free for long periods. I would highly recommend Richard if you need that extra motivation and support. You will definitely see the results you want. {

L from Horley

{ Thanks so much for all your training over the last year and a bit ! I’m feeling fitter than ever and will definitely keep it up when I’m in Ghana.{

J from Horley

{ Thanks for all the great training you provided, I am sooooo much stronger…really improved my strength and flexibility and I really appreciate all your encouragement.  I don’t think I could have achieved any more ! {

B from Horley

{ Richard has been training me in his personal gym for 9 months now and taught me a lot about physical fitness and nutrition. Over this time I have lost weight, gained muscle, look more toned and feel more confident. If you are looking for a great personal trainer then I would highly recommend Richard. {

S from Horley

{ …I’ve enjoyed the training a lot and can see my body is responding, so beyond Tough Mudder I would like to continue training going forwards… {

R from Horley

{ I have only been with Richard for a short while, nevertheless it goes with saying this guy is extraordinary!

He is a great motivator and he takes your goals on as if they were his own, not to mention he has great knowledge and to top it off I am seeing great results in such a short time frame. I would highly recommend him to all!. {

C from Reigate

{ Richard has proved to be a key constituent in my personal training programme over the past 18 months. His individually derived programme, professional encouragement and sheer variety of exercise make for a wholly fulfilling workout. Highly recommended.{

W from Caterham

{ I came to Richard with the goal of changing my physique. I’m pleased to say that having committed to following personal workouts and nutritional advice from Richard, I’m well on my way to reaching my goal.
My muscle size and definition has increased dramatically. This in turn has changed my view of my body and confidence. I get comments from friends and family about the changes, which keep me motivated and makes the effort I’ve put in so worth while, it’s hard to put into words. Richards approach and private training facility has been invaluable for me in getting here.{

J from Langshot

{ I have always been a fairly active person but Richard has the experience and knowledge to taylor a training programme to your specific needs. I feel much stronger and fitter than when I first started and always look forward to my sessions. If you’re thinking about Personal training then give Richard a go, he’ll motivate you to change your lifestyle for the better! {

O and S from Horley

{ My wife and I have been training with Richard for over a year. During this time, we have felt the fittest over a long term, lost weight and improved overall fitness. Richard is extremely motivating and focussed. He is also great with little details about fitness outside the gym. Training with him is a great pleasure! {

D from Reigate

{ …six weeks into my training with Richard and I can honestly say it is the best investment in myself I have ever made. I have more energy, I’m stronger and getting fitter every day. I look forward to the sessions and always come out feeling energised and positive. Richard’s advice is down to earth and practical – even for a busy working mum of three.

If you are wondering whether personal training is for you. I would say, give Richard a try – you won’t regret it for a minute! {

Contact Me

Richard Thomas – Personal Trainer

Mobile: 07977 350560


Gym location: Horley, Surrey, RH6

5 mins from Gatwick airport. 10 mins from Reigate.